Body Revolution By Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels is one of the most famous personal trainers in America and is known for her role as a team trainer on the reality TV show, America’s Biggest Loser as well as the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred dvd.  She is an entrepreneur, personal trainer, talk show host and a reality show personality.  She confesses that, as a child, she was overweight and struggled with weight issues.  She finally decided to make the necessary changes herself and she has never looked back since.

Jillian trains millions of people in person and through her books and exercise dvds, shows and her Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD’s.  Her workouts are famous among weight loss enthusiasts and she has a number of fitness certificates that really make her really stand out as a health and wellness expert.

What do Jillian Michaels workouts involve?

Jillian uses a combination of strength training techniques like yoga, Pilates, plyometrics and kickboxing.  She uses each of these techniques to create effective, personalised and efficient routines.  Some of her most famous workouts include:

Half Crow Push Up – abdominal muscles, anterior deltoid and pectorali major workout.

Lunge Chopper – abdominal muscles, calf muscles, erector spinae, gluteal, hamstring and quadricep workout.



Plank Row – abdominal muscles, biceps, deltoids, erector spinae, latissimus, dorsi and pectoralis major workout.

Pendulum Lunge – calf muscles, gluteals, hamstring and quadricep workout.

Hamstring Curls on Exercise Ball – calf muscles and hamstring workout.

Scorpion Push Up = anterior deltoid, gluteal, oblique, pectorial major, rectus abdominus and tricep workout.

Dropsys – calf muscles, gluteal, hamstring and quadricep workout.

Russian Twists – oblique, rectus abdominus and transverse abdominus workout.

Hollowman – rectus abdominus workout.

Plank Twist – abdominal muscles, anterior deltoid and erector spinae workout.

Jillian Michaels workout (20 minutes sample)

Use a set of 5 – 10 pound dumbbells during this workout as shown in Jillian’s ripped in 30 workout system.  Each step is to be completed back to back and the circuit is to be completed five times.  To start, warm up the body and then begin following the steps.

Step 1 – Single-leg Squat with Corkscrew Leg

With a dumbbell in each hand, stand on your left foot and slowly raise your right foot from the floor.   Bend down with arms extended downwards and keep your right foot up.  Squat in this position.  Slowly stand up on the left foot while curling your hands with dumbbells towards your shoulders.

Repeat for 30 seconds, change legs and repeat.